What you need to know about the Sylaé service

What you need to know about the Sylaé service

Have you heard of Sylaé? It’s an electronic portal designed for employers. Thanks to this tool, bosses can easily carry out various administrative tasks online. These are declarations relating to professionalization contracts or other employee contracts. Whether you’re an individual, a business owner or an employer, you’re bound to need sylae. What contracts are accepted on Sylae? Why use this electronic portal? How do I access Sylaé? Answers to all these questions in this article.

Sylaé, what is this all about?

Sylaé is an electronic portal designed to make life easier for company managers. Thanks to this tool, employers can make and transmit all administrative declarations. All these operations are carried out quickly and securely online. Only those benefiting from state financial aid can take advantage of this electronic portal.

Sylae simplifies the procedures for declaring employee situations. Simply go to the personal area and declare employees according to their employment contract. This can be done very quickly with a Sylaé electronic certificate.

Sylaé electronic certificates

You need two things to make an online transmission. This involves signing all the slips to be sent and an electronic certificate. This document can be the Sylae certificate from Chambersign France ink called Eiducio.

This certificate is a digital document that is transmitted on a USB key. You can use this personal certificate from any connection device.

The sylae electronic certificate can also be an Initio RGS electronic certificate. The latter is available in the form of software that you need to install on your computer.

The premium account

Sylaé is a digital portal designed to make life easier for employers. However, it should be remembered that only employers eligible for state aid can take advantage of this service. The digital portal is useful for declaring employee status.

You can have access to a premium account with a digital certificate. This type of account offers many advantages. This will make it easier and quicker for you to obtain state aid.

What types of contracts are accepted on Sylae?

The sylaé electronic portal accepts many types of contract. Sylae accepts contracts for first-time hires, unique professional integration contracts, professionalization contracts and future employment contracts. In addition to the contracts mentioned, the platform accepts other types of employment contracts.

By using Sylae to declare their employees, employers can benefit from numerous advantages such as :

  • aids ;
  • State subsidies ;
  • reductions and other exemptions in certain cases.

Possible exemptions include the Fillion reduction, which is a reduction on low salaries under ordinary law, financial aid granted by AGEPIPPH and financial aid granted by local authorities.

Exemptions are also applied to LOPOM and LODEOP contributions for the French overseas departments, aid granted to unemployed people setting up businesses, and job subsidies for the companies concerned.

What are the advantages of the Sylae electronic portal?

Using Sylae offers an impressive number of advantages for employers.

H24 access

You can access the electronic portal at any time. You can use Sylaé to monitor the progress of your files in real time, or simply to consult them.

With Sylaé, you can also enter information (bank details, attendance records, etc.) at any time, regardless of your geographical location.

Secure payment tracking

The employer’s personal area allows you to easily consult payments. You’ll have an accurate history of all payments made. All payments made by Sylaé are secure and traceable.

Practicality in the absence of paper documents

Filling in a pile of paperwork for administrative procedures is never fun. With Sylaé, you’ll never have to deal with paperwork again. This is for the simple reason that with the electronic portal, slips and forms can be filled in online. You are therefore no longer required to issue pay slips.

More economical approaches

When we send files, we have to pay postage. However, when all procedures are carried out online, there’s no need to pay a kopek. What’s more, you save precious time by avoiding postal delays.

How do I access Sylae?

Each employer has a login account to access Sylae. The account has, of course, a password and identifier assigned by the service and payment agency (ASP).