What are the steps involved in placing an rbnb ad online?

What are the steps involved in placing an rbnb ad online?

To put your property up for rent, the best platform remains Airbnb. Regardless of whether the accommodation to be rented is a seaside residence, a campsite or a B&B, Airbnb remains the best alternative. rbnb was created to provide holidaymakers with comfortable accommodation at affordable prices. However, before all that, you need to know how to register as a host on the rbnb platform. How do I declare my income? What tips can you use to get noticed? Find out what you need to know to become the ideal host.

How do I register with rbnb?

Registering on the Airbnb platform remains a fairly straightforward process. First, you need to create a profile with a photo and a description. To place an ad as an rbnb host, you need to go to the owner’s area. We recommend that you upload high-quality photos of your property. It’s a sign of your seriousness and professionalism.

To increase your chances of finding people interested in your holiday rental property, it’s a good idea to publish your ad in several languages.

And remember to specify strict rental conditions. You also need to check off all the features of the apartment or house to be rented on the ad.

How does the Airbnb platform work for a host?

Once you’ve created the rental ad, the Airbnb platform gives you a number of freedoms. This way, you’ll be able to manage your ad and bookings. Apart from that, the accommodation rental platform also gives you some features that a host must know about.


The rbnb site provides each guest with a calendar. This allows you to change the opening and closing dates of your ad. At this level, the host can indicate the price the tenant will have to pay per night for the accommodation.

A link to the ad

A link on the platform allows you to make a number of modifications. In this way, you can change the rental conditions or hide your ad altogether.

Airbnb commission

Airbnb charges a certain percentage on transactions carried out on its site. In fact, the commission charged by rbnb is only 3%. This percentage is deducted from the amount you receive from your rentals.

Obligations and tax returns

Whatever accommodation you have on the rbnb platform, it’s important to remember that this entails certain tax obligations. By renting out an apartment or house on rbnb, you’ll earn income. The money received must be declared to the tax authorities.

To declare rental income as a LMNP, you have two options: the actual regime and the Micro-BIC regime.

Micro-BIC scheme

You can declare your income under this scheme, if your rental income does not exceed €70,000. In this case, it is necessary to declare gross income. These revenues include net income, expenses and fees.

You will benefit from a 50% deduction on all declared revenues. It is important to specify that only the net amount remains taxable. This operation is based on the progressive scale and the social security levy.

Actual regime

Under this system, you will also have to declare your net income, charges and expenses. The amount is calculated on a separate form. Here, the entire amount declared is taxed according to the progressive income tax scale.

How can you stand out from the competition on the Airbnb platform?

Many ads are published on the Airbnb platform. If you want to find tenants in this competitive market, your ad needs to stand out from the crowd. To achieve this, you’ll need to put a few tricks into practice.

Post a compelling ad

To attract travelers looking for a place to stay, you need an ad that makes them want to click. To achieve this, your ad must be composed of photos of the highest possible quality. Also, be sure to choose a catchy title for your ad. Finally, it’s also crucial that the description of your home is complete.

Think small

A small packet of cookies or a welcome message is sure to please your visitors. Those little touches that don’t seem important can make all the difference in the end. On the other hand, don’t forget to be responsive by replying quickly to messages from interested parties.