Filbanque: How does it work?

Filbanque: How does it work?

In an increasingly digital world, many people are seeking to understand how online banking services such as Filbanque work. Whether you’re a professional looking to optimize your financial management, or an individual looking to manage your day-to-day transactions with ease and security, this article will provide you with valuable information. Details of how to use the user interface, account creation and security will be covered, as well as mobile banking and other additional tools.

Filbanque: the offer

The services offered by Filbanque

Filbanque, the online banking service of Crédit Industriel et Commercial (CIC), offers a range of options designed to simplify the management of personal finances. Customers can check their balances and transactions, make internal or external transfers, manage their stock and bond portfolios, or even request a cheque book. Access to this information is secured by a unique secret code assigned to each user.

Filbanque offer pricing

The cost varies according to the type of account held by the customer. For individual current accounts, access to Filbanque is generally included in the overall package at no extra cost. On the other hand, for professional accounts or those dedicated to the management of significant assets, monthly fees may be charged for access to certain advanced options such as online trading or detailed review of the financial instruments portfolio.

It is therefore advisable to consult the CIC’s general terms and conditions to find out exactly what the rates are for the various profiles and specific needs.

Creating a Filbanque account

Have you ever considered creating a Filbanque account? The procedure is far from arduous, and is orchestrated by intuitive, self-explanatory steps. It all starts with a visit to the CIC website, where you’ll find the option to sign up for Filbanque. Required information includes common personal details such as name, email address and contact number.

Then comes the essential phase: selecting a unique identifier to access the online service. It’s important to note that this identifier will be used to log in both from a computer and from a mobile device via the specific application. It’s also crucial to establish a strong password that guarantees maximum account security against fraudulent attempts. Once these formalities have been completed, all you have to do is wait for confirmation by email or SMS before you can take full advantage of the services offered by Filbanque.

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The user interface

Navigate on Filbanque

Appreciated for its intuitiveness, Filbanque’s user interface is easy to handle. A clearly laid-out home page provides an overview of your accounts as soon as you log on. The main menu then provides easyaccess to the various sections of the site for viewing account details, carrying out banking transactions or managing personal settings.

Profile management

The “My Profile” section allows users to customize their personal space. Changes concern personal information such as e-mail address or telephone number, and the configuration ofalerts for instant notification of account movements.

Access to services

The interface offers a variety of additional services, such as taking out insurance or downloading account statements in digital format. The Filbanque customer space also enables you to manage the payment methods associated with the bank accounts in your customer portfolio independently and securely.

Transaction security

Transaction security is a major concern for users of online banking services such as Filbanque. By applying strict criteria and using modern technological tools, Filbanque guarantees the protection of its customers’ financial and personal information.

When an operation is initiated, it is instantly encrypted using a secure protocol known as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The latter ensures that sensitive data exchanged between the customer and the bank server remains inaccessible to third parties. What’s more, every transaction requires strong customer identification, usually in the form of a unique password or fingerprint.

Filbanque has a sophisticated system for detecting unusual activity on its accounts. If an abnormal action is detected, an automated process is triggered to confirm the legitimacy of the financial transfer.

Despite these innovative transaction protection measures, it remains essential for users themselves to exercise increased vigilance when accessing their online accounts. This includes not divulging their login details or passwords to others, and ensuring that they are on a secure network when carrying out banking transactions.


Mobile Banking

Filbanque mobile application

Filbanque deploys its banking expertise to support mobility with a dedicated mobile application. This program, accessible on Android and iOS, offers an optimal user experience for autonomous control of your finances. The ergonomic, intuitive interface of Filbanque software is characterized by its ease of use, offering rapid access to essential account details.

Innovative additional features

Much more than a simple portal to your bank accounts, theFilbanque mobile application is rich in advanced options. These include the ability to make instant transfers between two accounts, and the function to temporarily suspend your bank card in the event of loss or theft. The tool also provides interactive graphs to monitor the evolution of expenses and revenues or anticipate future costs thanks to an effective forecasting system.

Day-to-day account management

Transfers and direct debits

Filbanque offers efficient management of financial transfers and automatic debits. Customers can program recurring or occasional transactions between their various accounts or with other financial institutions. Similarly, automatic debits, useful for regular bill payment for example, are simplified thanks to this platform.

Writing a virtual cheque

The digital check option is another attractive feature of Filbanque. It enables users to issue a digital check that can then be printed or e-mailed to the recipient. This feature makes the traditional cheque-issuing process much simpler.

RIB request

Last but not least, the ability to request your bank details directly from Filbanque makes this often complicated process much easier. The RIB includes all essential account data and can be downloaded instantly from the secure Filbanque platform for any necessary transactions.

Customer Service

Filbanque’s customer service is a key element in the smooth operation of this financial institution.

Accessibility andefficiency are two attributes that ideally characterize this department. He’s always on hand to answer customers’ queries, whether it’s a question about a banking transaction, a request for product information or an urgent need to resolve a critical account situation.

The customer support team is made up of competent and experienced financial advisors. They have been trained to identify customers’ specific expectations and offer tailored solutions in real time, contributing to the continuous improvement of the user experience.

With Filbanque, every interaction with the customer service department is handled with professionalism and empathy. Our advisors not only take the trouble to solve problems quickly, but also efficiently, so that every consumer can continue to use their banking services without interruption or inconvenience.

This superior level of personal assistance is an integral part of Filbanque’s overall success. Mutual respect between the bank and its customers strengthens their commercial relationship, leading to a better understanding of individual expectations, which in turn translates into complete customer satisfaction.

Additional tools

Customizable dashboard

Filbanque offers a fully modular dashboard. This tool enables users to organize their financial information according to their specific preferences and requirements. It incorporates several widgets that can be added or removed for better data visualization, making day-to-day banking easier.

Integrated savings tool

One of the notable advantages of Filbanque is itsintegrated savings tool. It provides users with a convenient platform for managing their savings without disconnecting from their main account. Transfers to the savings account can be made in just a few clicks, making it much easier to manage your financial assets.

Investment opportunities

In addition to traditional banking functions, Filbanque offers a range of options to help your money grow. Whether you’re interested in mutual funds or equities, these opportunities are easily accessible from your personal dashboard. The platform also offers detailed guidance for each type ofinvestment, so you can make informed decisions.