The best online businesses to launch in 2022

The best online businesses to launch in 2022

Find out about three of the best online businesses to launch in 2022 that are in demand today and in the future, but where few players are on the market.

The subscription boxing business

The principle is very simple: you simply create a box that you send to your customers every month. They will pay you in the form of a subscription, and these boxes are generally around a passion As for sports and health, for example, you’ll receive protein bars, little books with new exercises, an ultra-thin, transportable mat for your travels and to practice sports even when you’re on the move or on vacation. You can create boxes for entrepreneurs, with books, a pretty pen, a small notebook, a planner…. You can launch boxes in all the different fields in which there’s a passion, a craze.

What’s interesting and advantageous is that by doing a subscription box business, you already have communities of enthusiasts, so it’s much easier to sell and you don’t even have to sell or explain a particular product since the products are going to be different every month, in the end, you present a global offer, and that’s much easier.

The big advantage over other types of e-commerce for the sale of physical products is that there is a subscription, so you’ll have regular sales Unlike drop shipping, where you may have very good months, not so good months or even disappear and have to start all over again. The subscription box business is really a higher level in the sense that you’re creating a brand, you’re creating a subscription product so with a certain income stability over timeyour income is predictable and above all, you have the potential to resell the brand, which is really important. You can also create a subscription box brand to take things up a notch.

Online closing agency

For someone who sells online training or services or seminars, like many entrepreneurs, you’re going to be doing things for other people, acting as an intermediary between customers and entrepreneurs. This will enable you to connect and close the sale, which is what we call a closer. telephone salespeople “The reason is simple: you start by finding out what the customer wants, and then, based on that, you offer him a solution that’s right for him. solution that’s right for you. And once again, every situation is different, so it’s very difficult to have a single product to send to all your customers, which is why a closer gives you that feeling of personalization of the offer and thus generates more sales. It also helps to humanize online business, which can be an evolution of online business through this type of intermediary.

To get started, you can either form a partnership or start off on your own on the telephone and simply work with software that will allow you to receive telephone appointments. We ll encourage them to respond or call to define their needs, and we’ll try to understand their situation. From there, we’ll help them by guiding them towards a training course that’s adapted to their specific needs , and by praising the personal contribution that the training in question will make to them, so we’ll humanize the sale.

Book publishing on Amazon

Creating books without writing a single line, it’s possible to delegate everything from a to z and then put them up for sale on Amazon. It’s possible to create a kind of online publishing house, to become an independent publisher. You simply have to find profitable niches on Amazon and find writers who are passionate about the subject in question. Then we need to find proofreaders, people to do the layout, for pdf, ebook or paper formats, and finally designers for the cover. We become the managers of this business and only publish the book on Amazon. You can even find someone advertising these books on Amazon, which is really passive income.

If you like the ideaThere are many videos and tutorials on how to find niches on Amazon, how to find copywriters, ghost writers, how to self-publish… A lot of techniques to master that would take a long time to explain, but if you want to leave your desk, it’s worth it!