Reimbursing your glasses; Choosing the right mutual insurance company

Reimbursing your glasses; Choosing the right mutual insurance company

We don’t choose to suffer from eye problems and wear contacts or glasses. Despite this, ophthalmology is one of the least reimbursed healthcare disciplines. Even if we try to buy glasses and frames as cheaply as possible, we always come out ahead. Even if the reimbursement rates proposed by the French social security system are fair enough, they do not correspond at all to the costs used by opticians. For example, the reimbursement base for an adult frame is around 2.85 euros. When you consider that the average price of a progressive lens is almost 600 euros, this can be perplexing. It’s essential to have complementary health insurance that includes good coverage for optical expenses.

How to choose it?

Making comparisons

It can be difficult and complicated to compare optical insurance options online. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, we can compare them online. There are many variables to take into account, so you’ll know exactly what you need in terms of correction. You’ll know whether you want single-vision or progressive lenses, or whether you need anti-reflective, shatterproof, blue-light-proof, thinned and/or brightened lenses. The same applies to treatment options: if you have a high degree of correction, you may need all the protection you can get. Other factors will also be taken into account, such as your age and the frequency with which you change your lenses as your eyes develop!

Once you’ve identified all your needs, and entered the criteria that will affect your monthly premium, you’ll be able to find the coverage that’s right for you.

Check the various mutualist options

Mutual insurance contracts are more or less flexible, and can have advantages in terms of reducing the cost of your equipment.

Some mutual insurance companies offer a loyalty bonus if you don’t use your package correctly. In other words, you’ll receive a slightly larger refund on your next purchase if you don’t use up your package.

Some may offer to cover part of your myopia surgery costs if you agree to use your optical package. Although myopia surgery is not at all reimbursed by health insurance, it remains a definitive solution to a health problem. Don’t forget that before being completely cured, the cost of this operation was considerable. Each eye costs €1,500.

It’s a good idea to examine all your options and make sure you have all the information you need to contribute the right amount and benefit from the right repayment over the long term.