The advantages of new real estate developments

The advantages of new real estate developments

Investing in new-build property offers significant advantages, and is likely to appeal to a wide range of profiles: investors looking for tax breaks, first-time buyers looking for modern comforts, or people wishing to minimize notary fees. The following information details these benefits for optimizing real estate financing.

Tax depreciation

One of the main advantages ofinvesting in new property developments istax depreciation. It allows the value of the property to be spread over a fixed period, benefiting the owner and stimulating the property market.

When you buy a new property, you can spread its value over the years. In other words, the value can be spread over several years, significantly reducing the annual tax payable. This staggering generally extends to 30 years, depending on the nature of the asset and its expected lifespan.

For example, if a new apartment costing 300,000 euros is purchased with a 30-year laddering period, each year around 10,000 euros (300,000/30) can be deducted from the income generated by this apartment.

However, it should be noted that this option is not automatic, and often requires a tax expert or advisor to optimize the operation while avoiding legal or financial risks.

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Modern comfort

Technological innovations

Modern comfort is one of the added values of contemporary real estate projects. The latter often incorporate cutting-edge technologies designed to improve occupants’ standard of living. Home automation devices that can be programmed to efficiently manage heating, lighting or electric shutters promote greater comfort while generating substantial energy savings. In the
high-end real estate market
these technological advances are even more refined and sophisticated.

Compliance with environmental standards

Newly-built buildings adhere strictly to current environmental regulations such as RT 2012 (Réglementation Thermique) and soon RE 2020 (Réglementation Environnementale). These standards ensure maximum energy performance and a significant reduction in the building’s carbon footprint. The materials used are chosen for their environmental impact and their ability to promote better thermal and sound insulation. Investing in a new-build property therefore means taking an active part in protecting our planet, while enjoying a healthy, pleasant home.

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Deduction of notary fees

When buying a new property, buyers are often faced with notary fees. These costs, which represent a percentage of the sale price, can add significantly to the overall budget of your project. The major advantage of new-build property developments is the ability to deduct these costs.

Unlike transactions involving older properties, where notary costs are generally high, the acquisition of a new property offers a significant reduction in these expenses. The calculation is based solely on the cost of the land, which is much lower than the total cost of the home.

What’s more, certain legal provisions offer the possibility of further minimizing these costs for first-time buyers, or if the purchaser meets certain specific conditions linked in particular to income or family situation. This deduction can represent a significant tax break for buyers.

By choosing a new-build development, you benefit not only from a home that meets current standards, but also from substantial tax advantages such as the deduction of notary fees, making this investment financially more attractive.

Optimizing financing

High rental profitability

Investing in a new-build development generally offers higher rental yields. This performance is mainly due to factors such as the exceptional quality of the property and the interest shown by future tenants in new-build properties. High demand often leads to higher rents, which quickly recoup the initial investment.

Low maintenance costs

By choosing a new property, maintenance costs are significantly reduced in the first few years after purchase. As everything is new and complies with current construction and safety standards, it is unlikely that any major work will be required in the near future. This means long-term savings for homeowners.

Manufacturer warranties

New-build developments also benefit from builder’s warranties, which protect against defects for several years after delivery. These guarantees bring considerable peace of mind to the owner, who knows he can count on these protections in the event of a problem. It’s worth mentioning briefly that some of the benefits of buying back credit can further optimize financing, for example by lightening the monthly burden of mortgage repayments thanks to a potentially more advantageous rate.