Is it worth insuring your smartphone?

Is it worth insuring your smartphone?

Our smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives, but they remain small and delicate objects. A bad fall, a jolt, a broken screen or any other incident can lead to hefty repair bills. In the worst case, a new purchase may be necessary. To protect yourself and make the use of your precious phone more peaceful, you can take out insurance.

The benefits

It’s not uncommon for a cell phone to be the subject of various complaints. As these gadgets are vulnerable to a variety of risks, it makes sense to protect them against them. Cell phone functionality can be compromised in a number of ways. These risks include physical damage to the device (shell or screen) or its components (buttons, microphone, camera, speakers, etc.) following a collision or accidental drop, oxidation or corrosion of certain parts due to immersion in water or prolonged exposure, and even theft or natural wear and tear of certain components such as the battery. Every four minutes, a smartphone is stolen in France! Smartphone insurance allows you to claim compensation for losses incurred, provided you have taken out the policy.

Insurance coverage

Most mobile insurance policies cover accidental damage to devices caused by external factors beyond the owner’s control, theft or fraud. They generally cover snatching or mugging. As a general rule, insurance companies only cover cases of burglary or assault. They also cover the costs of abusive communications and legal expenses following theft. Other common threats include broken screens, broken phones, snatch theft and oxidation. These risks can be protected by warranties that are often offered as optional extras.

The price of mobile insurance

The cost of mobile insurance varies from one provider to another, depending on whether the phone is new, reconditioned, recent or used. In addition, you can choose the insurance package to include the coverage you want. A claim will be covered by the insurance company up to a certain number of claims per year. If the insurer only pays a limited number of claims per year, after which the insurance company will no longer pay you any compensation. It is intrinsically more expensive to offer an unlimited range of claims.

The price will therefore vary greatly according to all these criteria!

How to choose the right contract

Before taking out an insurance policy, you must first determine what coverage you need. By identifying your needs, you can determine whether or not you should take out additional coverage for broken or damaged screens. If you’re clumsy, you should take out additional coverage to protect yourself against accidents.

Before taking out mobile insurance, be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully. If certain sections are unclear, ask for clarification. Concentrate on clauses relating to exclusions, waiting periods and deductibles.

You can use an online smartphone insurance comparator to make the best choice with other products. The procedure is always the same: define what you want, run the search and compare. This will enable you to choose the offer that’s best for you.

It’s time to insure your new smartphone! Put your new device under cover as soon as you buy it, so you can use it with complete confidence.