Is it a good idea to use Twitter for your business?

Is it a good idea to use Twitter for your business?

You can’t learn how social networks work from an advertising point of view by simply posting your products on your page. You need to use simple tools to analyze your products more effectively, rather than publishing them. You can publish an article on Facebook, an infographic on Pinterest, several key phrases on Twitter, a discussion on Viadeo, LinkedIn, or even YouTube to reach new audiences. You’ll see the exponential benefits right away. These media have the ability to make you a recognized expert in a specific sector. They make you more visible and more accessible at minimal cost. Community managers are essential to your company’s long-term success. In this article, I propose to add another hat to your existing panoply: Community Management. It goes without saying that you need to know how to manage both Facebook and Twitter. The following tips will help you get the most out of your Twitter account.

Creating an identity and presence

There is a considerable distinction in the type of content offered by Facebook, the world’s largest social network. Twitter, on the other hand, is more focused on gathering and disseminating information. Since your readers have different expectations, this instantly makes the situation more serious. Everything changes with Twitter! Yes, because the demographics you’re trying to reach are very broad. Twitter is a platform and virtual community of tens of millions of Tweeters where you can advertise your business. It’s a social network you can’t ignore, and that’s a huge advantage. Here’s how to get started.

To increase your visibility and get known more quickly, remember to have an open profile when you create your account, and to use keywords that best define your activity. Think of your account as your ” identity card “, so create it with that in mind.

Take care of the visual presentation by personalizing your logo, customizing everything you can change visually: colors, images, catchphrases, ads, etc. All of this is designed to ensure rapid recognition of your business.

Build and expand your network

The first advantage of Twitter is the ability to create a community with just a few words. Customers can connect to the same platform while finding other customers. It’s a quick and easy way to get in touch with journalists and develop your business. You can establish new partnerships, ask bloggers to promote products or events, or contact journalists to issue press releases, for example.

You can bring your community together in a single group using Twitter lists. You can share a type of subject or interest with your group. This will help you build customer loyalty, create brand loyalty and build a community.

Creating a communication strategy with Twitter

Twitter gives you the means to promote yourself. What’s more, it gives you the opportunity to establish a good reputation. Is it possible you didn’t notice? How do you want to be recognized? What approach should you adopt to dialogue with your customers? Here again, effective tools and methods at low cost.

Twitter is excellent forimmediacy, focusing on real-time information that encourages community engagement. You can build trust and dialogue with the customer by replying privately to their messages and resolving any problems they may have.

Twitter is even more demanding than Facebook when it comes to regular posting. Your tweets will pass quickly over the timeline, your followers won’t look at them for long, so you need to post as often as possible. An attractive, active and dynamic profile is essential for success! We strongly advise you to post as often as possible, but not excessively, as this is not about damaging your image but simply about staying present on the timeline to react to news as it happens.

Increase your customer base with LEADs

A lead is a visitor who is likely to become a customer. A lead who has exchanged personal information with you on Twitter will quickly become a permanent customer if they subscribe to your account. So, to strengthen your business and customer relationships, you need to offer relevant content with lucrative offers. You should offer a newsletter, guide or e-book to use at the start of your Twitter account to encourage them to visit your official website. It’s the best way to convert visitors into leads, and leads into customers. When you build a post on your official website, you’re actually creating a web page positioned on a targeted keyword that addresses a concern of your customers. This page will considerably increase your traffic , as it will be easily found by search engines.

To successfully convert a prospect into a customer, you need to create a call to action and content that addresses the prospect’s problem. This combination will inevitably lead your prospect to a page where the specifics of the offer can be found. To benefit from it, he/she will submit a form requesting all his/her personal information. Bingo! You’ve created a lead and, perhaps, a future customer.

Use Twitter to follow your competitors’ marketing strategies in addition to their real-time activities such as promotions and events. So you can counter-attack quickly. Hot topics and Twitter searches are good ways to find out what’s being said about you. You can use these tools to find out what’s hot in your area. You can see which trends are popular in your area by consulting the top tweets near you. If you have a physical business or a local event, this can be useful. You can also find out what your direct competitors are doing in real time using this method.

There’s no doubt that Twitter is now an open book for marketing and communications strategies; it’s also a cheap book. So you’ve come to attack your new customers using this great instant network – fast, simple but effective!