How to organize your job search

How to organize your job search

Strategy for finding a job

Very often, people who are looking for work have disorganized methods, with moments of acceleration when they’re looking for a job in every direction, and then periods of discouragement during which they do nothing more. Finding a job means having an elaborate strategy that you apply step by step.

Having a job search strategy will set you apart from the vast majority of other job seekers. Here are 5 steps to developing your job search strategy

First step in your job search strategy

You need to define your project very clearly, and then build your entire “character branding” around it. When you’re looking for a job, you tend to grab the first interesting offer that comes along, and that’s a shame because it’s going to determine the course of several years of your life! So even if you’re in a hurry, take the time to find the right job for you at the right time in your career.

First step in your job search

To have a search strategy, you need a career strategy, within which your job search is situated. In other words, a real professional project that identifies you and, above all, will be your guideline for all the elements of your job search. The elements you need to materialize your search include your CV, your cover letter and your presence on social networks, especially linkedin, where it’s extremely important to be present.

But the first step is to get to know your career plan as precisely as possible, even though it will be refined throughout your job search.

Second stage of your job search

Use all the classic and traditional tools, which most people do and which you certainly already do. sites, search engines, you’ll go to the websites of the companies you’re interested in to check out the ads and then carefully respond to these ads and submit your CV wherever possible.

That’s all very well, but it’s not enough, and most of the time it’s not going to be enough. classic candidatesif you have a slightly different search or a atypical profileEven if you have a classic profile, that’s not a problem, because a company needs everything!

It’s no longer enough to rely on search engines and company advertisements, but it’s not a step to be neglected, and many job seekers find their jobs this way.

Third stage of your job search

You need get out of the house ! It can be extremely interesting to go into the exhibitionsto go to the meet the recruitersto meet of companies even if it won’t always bring you the job directly, but it will allow you to work on your speech and check whether your speech is catching on or not! Find out more about your local employment area and the type of job you’re applying for.

In short, it’s going to sharpen your knowledge of the job market you’re in, so go out and meet recruiters, go out and meet companies at all the different trade shows in all the possible meeting points there are around you.

Fourth stage

This is certainly the most important: you have to work on your network and use it! There are different levels of networking.

The first level we think of most is around our former colleagues, our friends, people who are close to us, but these are not the people to ask for a job! You’re putting them in a difficult position, because they’re usually people who like you or have enjoyed working with you, who’d even like to be able to help you, but most of the time aren’t in a position to do so. This really isn’t the circle to ask for a job, you simply have to talk to them, ask them what they do, get them to talk about their company, their job…

From these discussions, points of connection can emerge by talking about your passion for your job, recalling the things you’ve been able to do that are exciting… this will be a way of sometimes bringing up an idea, but above all of bringing up the name of a person in the company. Second circle, that’s what it’s all about, creating a network of people you don’t necessarily know, but who may be able to recommend you or have job offers for you.

There’s no better way to work this network than to create a profile on LinkedInIt’s a great way to keep in touch with all the people you’ve worked with, and to grow your network by capillary action. optimize your chances of finding a job.

Fifth step in your job search strategy

Be consistent. Very often when we’re looking for a job, we go through phases of enthusiasm when we’ll really give it our all, and then, because it doesn’t work, we’ll withdraw and do nothing more!

Having a strategy is the best way to be regular and to make sure that you’re always looking for something in the same way. If you have a follow-up table, for example, you’ll know exactly who you’ve written to, and when you’ll be able to follow up, and when you’ll be able to insist. It’ s thanks to this recurrence and organization that you’ll speed up the job search process.

You now have all the ingredients you need to devise a job search strategy!