Discover GoogleActu, the giant Google’s news aggregator

Discover GoogleActu, the giant Google’s news aggregator

GoogleActu, commonly known as Google News, is a news aggregator from the giant Google. Its aim is simple: to organize and highlight news from all over the world, automatically. This Google platform enables Internet users to find a wealth ofinformation on all the subjects that currently interest them. Would you like to find out more about the special features of GoogleActu? In this article, we take stock of the situation for you!

GoogleActu: how does this Google service work?

As mentioned above, GoogleActu is anews aggregator launched by Mountain View in April 2002. This Google service works exactly like the Google search engine itself. GoogleActu also takes advantage of GoogleBot, Google’s indexing robot, to index eligible articles and rank them according to defined criteria, especially in terms of relevance and reputation.

Generally speaking, to ensure that relevant, high-quality and original articles are available to Internet users, Google makes sure to sort the various news items it collects according to :

  • The reputation of the information source;
  • The degree of relevance of current events;
  • And how responsive web users are to breaking news.

In addition, on GoogleActu you’ll come across a variety of websites and eligible sources such as opinion content, press releases, satire, blogs and much more. Each piece of content will enable you to follow in real time the activities that fascinate and interest you around the world.

How do you get your website listed on GoogleActu?

Generally speaking, for your website to be referenced on GoogleActu, you must first and foremost devote a section exclusively tonews and press articles. In addition to this, you also need to make sure that every news item on offer complies with quality guidelines. Otherwise, you risk being penalized manually or by Google’s algorithm, or even being radically excluded from the GoogleActu index.

In this context, you need to exclude all Black Hat techniques that aim to deceive and mislead not only web users, but also Google’s algorithms. Make sure that your website is focused on the needs of Internet users, not Google. That’s why we strongly recommend that you only publish quality content that is clear, unique, readable and relevant to current events. Indeed, Google favors websites behind which a team of experienced copywriters is working. In this case, it’s also a good idea to include the biographies of all the site’s editors, and to highlight their social networks. The aim is to show the giant Google all the content written by editors and their activities on the Web.

We also recommend that you add labels related to common terms used in your articles. This will not only categorize the news, but also help GoogleBot rank your website and your news. For example, you could use the wording ” gastronomy ” for your website offering gastronomic news. This will enable Google’s crawler to easily rank your news in the GoogleActu index.