Can you start investing with just 100 euros?

Can you start investing with just 100 euros?

It’s not true that you need a large sum of money to invest. Today, there are so many ways to invest your small savings. Here are three feasible approaches to investing 100 euros, if you want to invest your money viably.

In shares on the stock market

Investing in the stock market is the first investment option you should consider if you like to take risks. With 100 euros, you can invest in shares without any prior knowledge. Investing in listed companies is a simple process. You can act as a trader yourself. If the market rises, you can sell your shares, and buy them when it falls. It’s up to you to ” time ” the walk!

Despite the fact that you won’t reap the same benefits with a starting capital of 100 euros as someone investing 2000 euros, you can learn everything there is to know about stock market investing with less stress of loss. What’s more, most online brokers require a minimum investment of 100 euros, although you can invest as little as 10 euros with some brokers.

There are many advantages to investing in the stock market. You can make your 100 euros grow quickly if you master the various operations. Even if you’re a beginner, you can ask for advice or learn to negotiate on your own. What’s more, diversifying your portfolio is a smart way to improve your investment returns.

In real estate crowdfunding

There are various ways to invest in real estate on the Internet, and you can help finance the project. You can earn more money by investing your 100 euros in real estate crowdfunding. If the project is profitable, you will receive a satisfactory return as soon as it is completed. To participate, you must lend your capital to the promoter via a dedicated digital platform. If the project is profitable, you’ll earn a decent return. Crowdfunding currently offers a return on investment of around 9%, provided you choose your programs carefully. The main danger with this investment is that the real estate business will not be profitable. You must examine the situation carefully before investing, or risk losing your investment.

At the end of your real estate adventure, you’ll receive your 100 euros with interest of up to 12% per year. Crowdfunding allows you to contribute to the creation of a real estate company and thus to the financing of the real economy. There is no registration fee. Another advantage of investing in this way is that you don’t need to tie up large sums of money.

In crypto-currencies

There are many different crypto-currencies, such asEthereum or Bitcoin. Investing in virtual currencies is an excellent option if you only have 100 euros to spend. You can start with as little as 50 euros, 100 euros, or even 10 euros. What’s more, the volatility of virtual assets is an excellent advantage. It varies more than conventional financial assets, which is a great advantage.

You can also invest in crypto-currencies to see your money grow quickly. For example, bitcoin has risen by +4000% over the past six years. You can diversify your investment by buying different virtual currencies in addition to Bitcoin and Ethereum, such as Shiba inu, Dodge, Solana and many more!

Investing in crypto-currencies is risky because fluctuations are unpredictable. To learn how the market behaves, start with a modest budget. Similarly, in the stock market, your success depends on your experience. So, to turn your 100 euros into much more, you need to understand money and market flows.